Press Tool

Press Tool
Design,  Manufacturing & Stamping

  • Progressive tool ( Bending, Forming & Piercing, etc…)
  • Compound tool
  • Draw tool
  • Combination tool
  • Die cutting tool
  • Assembly tool
Unizon Engineering Co, Ltd is a performance oriented manufacturer of Press Tooling & Metal stamping components for diverse markets, including Automotive, Electronics, Electrical and more. we have more than a decade of experience in perfecting our operations, and investing in people, equipment, and technology. As a result, we have become one of the most reliable and trusted Sheet metal stamping companies in Domestic & International Market.
As a medium to high volume custom metal stamping manufacturer and supplier, we have built a reputation for producing high quality stampings ranging from simple designs to complex geometries. When you combine the talents of our experienced engineering with the services of our in-house Precision tool room with precision machining and production facilities complete with a full range presses to meet your precision needs, we have the ability to assist you with developing creative solutions for your toughest products.​



Design & Manufacturing

  • Injection mold
  • Hot runner mold
  • Compression mold
  • Blow mold
We here at Unizon Engineering Co, Ltd are able to handle the plastic-injection molding requirements of a wide variety of industries including medical device, packaging, consumer goods, and agricultural products. We have more than a decade of experience in perfecting our operations, and investing in people, equipment, and technology. As a result, we have become one of the most reliable and trusted injection mold companies in Domestic & International Market.
Unizon Engineering Co, Ltd dedicated to manufacturing high quality injection molds& molded plastic products, providing timely deliveries and creating an atmosphere of continuous improvements where all employees strive to keep both internal and external customers satisfied.


Jigs , Fixture & Automation

Jigs , Fixture & Automation
Design & Manufacturing

  • Checking fixture
  • Handling fixture
  • Checking gauge
  • Machining fixture
Unizon Engineering Co Ltd is a full service of Jigs &Fixture manufacturer providing top quality products, outstanding service and competitive prices. We offer in-house capabilities to design, build, and certify your Jigs &fixtures for a variety of markets including automotive, Electronics, Electrical, and aerospace. We are a trusted and preferred manufacturer of Jigs &fixtures to suppliers Domestic &International market.
We are also a design center and manufacturer of industrial automation equipments. The activities of Unizon Engineering Co Ltd include design and evaluation, assembly, software development, integration of vision system, service and support of automated and semi-automated equipments. With the range of our product lines combined with the expertise of the company, we are confident of meeting the needs of todays industries.

Precision Machining

Precision Machining
  • Pilot pins
  • Precision punch & die
  • Electrode manufacturing
  • Forming punch & die
  • Core & cavity
At Unizon Engineering Co Ltd, we specialize in Precision Machining especially in Wire cutting, CNC EDM, Precision grinding, CNC Milling& CNC Turning. Our quality and service has allowed us to become a certified dock to stock supplier to some of the customers we serve… The images will give you an idea of the work envelope we excel in.Our dedicated employees having years of combined experience and dedication to the trade allows us to be a premier stop for your entire Precision machining requirement


Product Design

Product Design
  • Industrial design
  • Packaging design
  • 3D modelling
  • Reverse Engineering